The Italians are coming back in a big way – The coffee beans that is.

Brisbane has had and still does have a lot of coffee roasters pushing out beans to local Brisbanites with all the while singing the chorus of fresh espresso. However something has started to shift, there is now a move towards authentic espresso rather than fresh espresso. Many new cafes popping up around Brisbane are shunning theĀ  local roaster and opting for imported Italian espresso coffee beans in Brisbane. But why? While talking with these cafe owners i learnt that there was a misconception of imported Italian coffee beans and the portrayal of them within the industry for the past thirty years in Brisbane and the rest of Australia but people are now realizing this and taking a stand. The constant claim by many Australian roasters

These cafe owners told me that their customers are more educated about coffee than they are and are the ones behind the change. They are the ones flying to Italy for holidays every summer, watching coffee videos and blogs online and they are demanding ‘aged’ Italian espresso coffee beans. Rather than locally roasted coffee beans because they realize that freshly roasted coffee beans is not the best for espresso drinking. The Australian roasted coffee beans can be good but they do lack the depth, flavour and consistency that modern coffee drinkers are now requesting.

There is also the authenticity factor, many people in Brisbane want that genuine aroma and feeling that they experienced on their Italian or Mediterranean holiday, so the change of coffee brands being used in the restaurant/cafe scene is starting to reflect that. Give the customer what they want right? If that is the case then we will start to see a lot more genuine Italian coffee beans and espresso’s in Brisbane and the rest of Australia.

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